WeeJE is the acronym of wee Java Enhancements. This project covers small Java Enhancements, which are not yet available to the open source community or "hidden" sub-parts of other projects. For the moment this covers:

  1. A console component for Swing, which can be used to redirect stdin, and stdout and stderr. Most implementations available I found used to text components, one for stdin and a second for stdout/stderr. However, the JConsolePane of the weeje project is an heir of JTextPane and provides only a single component for redirection. Thus it looks like a "real" console.

  2. A Buttons class, which provides factory methods for often used buttons like "Okay", "Done" or "Cancel". The implementations returned by the factory methods use a ResourceBundle for internationalization support. So the programmer does not have to care about this point.

  3. A JComponentDialog, which offers factory methods to generate JDialog instances, which have default buttons (like "Done" or "Okay" & "Cancel") and show another Swing/AWT component. Also it is quite similar to JOptionPane, it is used internally.

  4. A JFontChooser component, which offers a font selection dialog and is usable like the JFileChooser component in the javax.swing package.

  5. A Debug class, which offers - like java.lang.System - an out PrintStream instance, which can be used to do debug outputs. Additionally the class allows to set different debugging levels and an out(int level) method, which returns either the stdout or a special null PrintStream. This is nothing special und not as powerful as many logging subsystems available, but for quick debugging output it seems quite sufficiant.

Future development planned:

  1. Test and enhancement of the JConsolePane class.

  2. More translations for the buttons provided by the Buttons class.

  3. A small preprocessor for the Debug class, which searches for "Debug.out" and replaces it by "//Debug.out" to "deactivate" the Debug output completely.

  4. Add some more small stuff, which is useful for many Java projects.

Used programming language is Java 2 version 1.4 and also this is the intended runtime platform.

This project is a spin-off of my diploma thesis, where I will use it. The thesis is related to another project hosted on SourceForge: Tockit.

The files available via the CVS are in a very early state. Be aware that there might be fundamental changes in near future.

Andreas Plüschke.

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Last changed: 2002-09-26, 20:48